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Bar Code – Logic Puzzles: A New Infatuation Poised for a Puzzle Craze

Since the sudoku craze of 2005 to 2006, Bar Code – Logic Puzzles is predicted as the next big logic puzzle game.

Bar Code Puzzle is a logic puzzle game along the lines of sudoku or KenKen but completely different in solving method.
Like sudoku and KenKen, Bar Code Puzzle has simple instructions, is solved on a grid and can be worked step by step with no guessing.

How to play:
+ Tap to add horizontal and vertical bars to the grid – each 1 unit in length – in such a way no bars touch.
+ The numbers at the sides reveal how many bars appear consecutively in their respective rows and columns.
+ Where 2 or more numbers are given, at least 1 row or column must separate the groups.

You can select every board type to play any time, bigger board will give you more point than small one.
Bar Code – Logic Puzzles game has a huge amount of stages:
+ Board 3×3: 70 stages
+ Board 4×4: 530 stages
+ Board 5×5: 690 stages
+ Board 6×6: 15000 stages

The BarCode – Logic Puzzles game is total FREE, no IAP.

Enjoy training your brain with BarCode – one of the best logic puzzles!

* The Bar Code game on mobile is published officially in cooperation between Ramen Games and the author Thinh Van Duc Lai.
All rights reserved.

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