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You’re going to be running your own shopping mall! You’ll need to be on point with your fashion style for your fashion boutique to be a hit!

Your shopping mall has everything. There’s a hot fashion boutique that will drive all of the customers crazy with the latest cutting edge fashion styles. There’s the amazing cosmetic counter with the best makeup products. You’ll need to make sure that you keep the cash register clean and fixed for all of your customers. You will have a bakery with yummy donuts that you make, and you’ll be able to decorate your shopping mall however you want it to be decorated. Tis the season for shopping!

How to Play:
• This Black Friday you have your own shopping mall
• Keep your fashion boutique stocked with all the hottest styles
• Your cosmetic counter has all of the best brands of makeup
• Keep your cash register ready for sales
• Your bakery is stocked with tasty donuts
• Decorate your shopping mall, however, you want!
• Be the boss this holiday season!

Are you ready to rock out as the boss of your very own shopping mall? The time is now to show off your fashion style as you help all of your fabulous customers. Download to get your Black Friday rocking!

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